About RvD:

Robot Vs Dinosaur

Robot Vs Dinosaur was Birmingham's most diverse and eclectic electronic night, taking place at Island Bar on every third Friday of the month.

Tuesday 11th October, 2011:

October 2011 has proven to be an unusually busy month for Robot vs Dinosaur, with more going on than we normally do in a year these days. First off comes our latest stint at 8Bit Lounge. We’ll be providing the soundtrack to your retro gaming pleasure alongside regulars Chromatouch and 8Bit Pete at the Hare […]

Thursday 7th April, 2011:

I’ll be DJing again at 8Bit Lounge, Hare & Hounds, Kings Heath on Tuesday 12th April. I don’t get up to a great deal else these days. More pertinently, the amazing 3D Maze Crew will be coming all the way from Bristol to assault all and sundry with their unique blend of chipcore, visuals and […]

Friday 9th July, 2010:

Following almost a year of silence I’ll be briefly coming out of retirement next week to do a set next Tuesday (the 13th) as part of 8 Bit Lounge, which takes place at the Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath (map). In spite of the event being imminent, information is still pretty thin on the […]

Wednesday 27th May, 2009:

…but we sure are sleepy, having spent many months tirelessly working day jobs since we saw you last. Some folk might of course consider these two situations as being broadly similar, the big difference being that DJing is a fair bit more difficult when you’re in the grave. And DJing we are, at a gig […]

Wednesday 8th October, 2008:

Final reminder: we’re DJing tonight at BUSK, as part of their BOOST event. Entry is free, with the night running from 10:30 ’til 3am. More info can be found via their myspace, whilst BUSK itself can be found on Gough St opposite Island Bar. See you there?

Tuesday 30th September, 2008:

NME‘s usually shoddy standards of journalism took a dramatic turn for the better last week, what with the inclusion of Robot vs Dinosaur in their Indie Map of Britain and Ireland supplement! Stating that “DJ duo Robot vs Dinosaur have been making quite a name for themselves at venues around town”, the Birmingham-themed article also […]

Tuesday 30th September, 2008:

…who came down to the last Robot vs Dinosaur! To those who couldn’t make it: you missed a double bill of crunch-tastic technomadness from Jade One and QXTC! You missed live visual jockeying from Chromatouch! And most of all, you also missed exceedingly good cake, and all the cake-related dual-birthday hilarity which invariably comes with […]

Monday 8th September, 2008:

And now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Robot Vs Dinosaur will be back at Island on Friday September 19th, provided that the world doesn’t get destroyed by the Large Hadron Collider come this Wednesday (EDIT- didn’t happen in the end… how disappointing!). Sounding a little like Autechre and Mouse On Mars after having […]

Thursday 28th August, 2008:

Robot vs Dinosaur will be DJing as part of Brum-based creative media network Project X Presents‘ next event, entitled “Digital Dystopia”. Taking place on Saturday 13th September at newly-unveiled Birmingham club BUSK, the performance will further develop and explore the group’s remarkable “Omnimedia Experience” format, presenting a seamless flow of art, music and visuals via […]

Tuesday 26th August, 2008:

Thanks to everyone who turned out to the last Robot Vs Dinosaur, after a slightly patchy Summer it was the best night we’ve had for quite some time- hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Special thanks are of course owed to Mike In Mono and Girljoy (pictured) for coming down and […]