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Robot Vs Dinosaur was Birmingham's most diverse and eclectic electronic night, taking place at Island Bar on every third Friday of the month.

Friday 7th November, 2008:

Ai Records technomancer The Third Man, one of the participants on the imprint’s recent triple-split EP alongside Plant43 and Najem Sworb, has recently released his debut album ‘Clarion Call’. More of a mini than a full-length LP, the release sees him distilling his love of techno, acid and the classic Detroit sound with the rather more hard-edged influences he appropriated while studying at Glasgow university.

Opener ‘Hemsby Acid’ acts as a gateway: written on a BLOC weekend comedown, its initial ambient wash soon reveals a dancefloor stomper underpinned by steely hi-hats and an evolving 303 melody. From here on, the London-based producer- real name Toby Leeming- continues to explore his own musical psyche, riding a knife edge between the digital crispness of today and the distorted, primitive yet comfortingly intimate sound of electronic music’s early days. More mellow numbers such as the title track and the blissful “Attacks” could have existed since the mid-80s, whilst on the likes of “Synchronise” and “Flaccid House” Leeming delves into decidedly more dark territory, brutally beating both acid and electro influences into submission to create music unmistakably his own.

Having been exposed to a mere spoonful of this electro-alchemist’s talent, ourselves at RvD Towers can’t wait to sample his next concoction- without doubt, ‘Clarion Call’ continues to cement Ai’s reputation as possibly the most exciting electronic label the UK has to offer. And, as standard with all Ai releases it comes presented in a package as beautiful and exciting as the music- in this case, a dirty great fleshy slab of vinyl encased within artwork by German anatomical artist Karl Wesker. Grab a copy from the Ai shop while you still can…

Best of all, you lucky people will be able to witness The Third Man’s work first-hand at the next Robot vs Dinosaur, where he’s all set to take our headline slot- this is a show not to be missed! Taking place at Island on Friday November 21st, the bill will also see a set from the rather more chilled Sunosis– a fellow Londoner, commander-in-chief of Shepherd’s Bush’s premier (and currently under-threat!) beat bunker Ginglik. Check out his sun-kissed yet resolutely beat-driven mini-LP ‘Warmth’, available via the famously unpredictable Rednetic label.

Enough talk- this is all set to be our most exciting RvD yet! Full details will be up on our events page, just as soon as we get a moment’s pause to update it…

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