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Robot Vs Dinosaur

Robot Vs Dinosaur was Birmingham's most diverse and eclectic electronic night, taking place at Island Bar on every third Friday of the month.

Tuesday 26th August, 2008:

Girljoy at RvD#7

Thanks to everyone who turned out to the last Robot Vs Dinosaur, after a slightly patchy Summer it was the best night we’ve had for quite some time- hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did! Special thanks are of course owed to Mike In Mono and Girljoy (pictured) for coming down and playing some blinding sets- if you liked Girljoy then buy her album immediately, and we’re also beginning an email campaign right here to try and pressure Mike into finishing his album as we really want to hear it! While we’re waiting though we’ll console ourselves with the superb ZX Spectrum Orchestra stuff currently available from Warm Circuit.

We’ve also got photos from the event up in our gallery, please do make sure to check them out. Thanks to Andy Bullock, Pete Hodgson and Stu Roland for contributing photos, you all did a bang-up job- and yet, at this point I have to express some disappointment. Island Bar was awash on the night with photographic equipment, there were digital cameras, phone cameras, lomographic cameras, even someone wielding an old game Boy camera and yet we’ve only received photos from the above-mentioned few. If you’ve got photos taken at any of our nights then please email them to us via info [at] robotvsdinosaur.co.uk and we’ll proudly feature them in our gallery (yep, replace the “[at]” with an “@”, unless you’re a spammer!).

Anyway! Keep your ear to the ground, we’ve got lots of stuff in the pipeline: Robot vs Dinosaur returns to Island Bar come Friday September 19th, plus there’s also a few other developments which we very much want to talk to you about shortly. More info very soon, we promise! Keep it salty…

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Words: seb

3 comments to “RvD#7 In Pictures”

  1. Much love to RvD 🙂
    If I didn’t already have my own gig on the 19th I’d be up there again! (Might cancel so..keep your eyes out for little mee.)
    Seb and Ben, you chaps are lovely, I’m honoured to have worked with you!

  2. Really glad you enjoyed, thanks for coming up and playing!

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