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Robot Vs Dinosaur was Birmingham's most diverse and eclectic electronic night, taking place at Island Bar on every third Friday of the month.

Wednesday 9th July, 2008:


This weekend sees the return of Capsule‘s annual Supersonic festival. Running the gamut of avant-garde and experimental music, the event features performances from acts as diverse as Battles (pictured), Efterklang, DJ Scotch Egg and Max Tundra as well as a set from reformed ’70s Krautrockers Harmonia. Put simply, it’s quite possibly the most culturally important music event Birmingham will see this year.

Which brings us to the crux of this post: no doubt there will be many in Brum this weekend, myself included, who don’t have a ticket for various reasons. So, what the hell are we going to do this weekend? We’ve decided to come up with a few suggestions…

Thursday: Ok, it’s the day before Supersonic but we thought we’d get this one in anyway! Connect Four takes place at Island Bar on Thursday 10th July, bringing live synthpop stylings from Uninvited Guestz, Codette, The Audacity and Motorbikes In Tokyo, plus DJs and visuals.

Friday: given the competition there’s quite an overwhelming display of choice on offer here. Freakin’ Legend will be bringing the rock to Island Bar, with sets from Fillmore Gears, The No Tomorrows, HINGe and The E-Gos. This Is Tomorrow‘s new venture New York Noise kicks off at the Yardbird with DJ sets from Dr. Rubberfunk as well as residents Matt Flux, Mustapha Dance and Waler DJs. Alternatively, pop in to Rooty’s where Cog are laying down a spread of minimal house and underground techno stylings.

Saturday: top indiepop shindig The Autumn Store has gone international, hosting a set from Japanese folk collective Andersens alongside Glaswegians The Starlets and Bavarian Country Singers and Comrades, who in a rather curious twist actually hail from Birmingham and Wolverhampton. I guess “West Midlands Country Singers and Comrades” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it? On a slightly different bent, Trailer Park Beats are holding their dubstep all-nighter The Big Dirty at the Rainbow Warehouse, although the none-more-hardcore amongst you will probably be watching Mary Poppins at the Hippodrome.

Sunday: all worn out from that little lot? Good, because there’s not a great deal on today. Drop us a comment if there’s anything interesting happening over the weekend which I’ve not covered…

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