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Saturday 14th June, 2008:

I has layzors for eyes!

Looks like we’re not the only ones with a shiny new toy to play with! After several months of hosting nothing more than an amusing teletext-based splash page, top London technomentalist and previous RvD headliner Datassette has finally got ’round to relaunching his website.

The new site includes an extensive discography, a selection of downloadable mixes (including his infamous BusinessFunk series) and bucketloads (and, I really mean bucketloads) of unreleased tracks, demos, cover versions and remixes all available for absolutely nothing. A particular standout for me is “Thomas the Mohfuggin Tank Engine Yo”, a sharp piece of social commentary in which the artist reworks a timeless children’s classic to archly reflect the decaying moral values of modern youth- or, maybe it’s just a glitched-up version of the Thomas the Tank Engine theme with some swearing stuck on top? We’ve embedded it in a player at the bottom of this post, so give it a spin and draw your own conclusions…

Meanwhile, Datassette’s debut self-titled full-length album has been continuously rotating at RvD Towers over the past few weeks. A melting pot heavily influenced by mathematics, ’80s corporate video soundtracks, old-school electro and the sound of vintage computer games, his nimble yet muscular techno constructs remind one of Alan Sugar doing the robot in his boardroom after a lovely sunny afternoon spent firing people. The album’s available right now as a download via Bleep or Beatport, whilst turntablists and vinyl badgers should hit the Ai Records shop to purchase an ultra-dense disco plate.

Anyway, find some mo-fuckin’ Thomas the Tank Engine shit in tha player below, yo.

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2 comments to “Datassette.net Retooled”

  1. Datashat has done a fine job of reworking his site and I highly recommend you get over there and get your mits on all those brilliant (and free!) MP3s.

  2. Hear hear!

    I have to admit, after writing this post I was a little concerned that, due to my inclusion of the Thomas the Tank Engine track, people may assume that the free tracks will all be comedy/jokey type stuff…

    Not so. As well as loads of original material (some of which is as good if not better than the stuff on his “proper” releases) there’s also remixes, covers and interpretations of artists as diverse as Kate Bush, Peter Bjorn & John and Interpol as well as loads of weird, experimental and early material. Plus some more silly stuff too, of course!

    I honestly think you’d be hard-pushed to find a single artist anywhere who’s as generous with his back-catalogue and bandwidth as Datassette is.