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Robot Vs Dinosaur was Birmingham's most diverse and eclectic electronic night, taking place at Island Bar on every third Friday of the month.

Thursday 12th June, 2008:

I is on ur internets readin ur blogz

Google, Yahoo and co- watch your backs! Following some 1200 cigarettes, a couple hundred cups of coffee and god only knows how many late nights, the official Robot Vs Dinosaur online social interspace is finally installed and running.

As well as providing up-to-the-minute info on forthcoming RvD events and activities, we’ll also be using this opportunity to keep you informed on what our past performers are up to as well as covering various events, websites and other random goings-on within Birmingham and elsewhere, across both cyber and meatspace. Expect the odd late-night drunken rant too- this is a blog after all!

Building this site nearly killed us, so we very much hope you like it- if you’ve any feedback then please leave us a comment or drop an email to info [at] robotvsdinosaur.co.uk or get in touch via our myspace or facebook pages, although obviously we won’t be held responsible if the site causes your computer to burst into flames or makes your ceiling fall down. We’re always keen to get people involved with what we’re doing, so any DJ requests, suggestions or constructive criticism will be very welcome. Similarly, get in touch if you’ve got any photos taken at one of our nights and we’ll gladly put them up in our lovely new gallery!

Anyway, enough talk- enjoy, and we’ll hopefully see you at our next event on Friday June 20th!

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Words: seb

4 comments to “We Has A New Website”

  1. This website looks ace!!! will try my best to take some good pics on the 20th for you.

    Andy xxxx

  2. Top notch work as always Seb,
    look fwd to the 20th

    w/ warmth


  3. Yo yo yo. The site looks sexual, I heartily approve.

    Is the black cat yours? He/she is a moody beauty. My neighbour has a big fat black cat that loves to sit on our window ledge and stare at us – he/she is constantly in our garden as well, but freaks out completely if we so much as look as it.


  4. Nah, that’s random cat which lives in teh internets… my cats are far prettier than that!